Victory "Two Years and a few Beers later" live  2016

Something Special "live"  2016

H.R.Kunze & Räuberzivil "Tiefenschärfe"  2015

Marea "Peu a Peu"    2013

"KuK" H.R. Kunze & Tobias Künzel  "Uns fragt ja keiner" live  2013

H.R.Kunze & Räuberzivil  "Hier rein da raus"      2012

Herman Frank  "Right in the Guts"    2012

Herman Frank  "Loyal to none"     2009

UFO  "The Visitor"    2009

Nektar  "Fortyfied"    2009

Yargos   "Magical Karma"    2012

Yargos   "To be or not to be"    2005

Philip Carpenter   "Release"    2007

Running Wild   "Rogues en vogue"    2005

Running Wild   "The Brotherhood"    2002

Running Wild   "Live"  (DVD&CD)    2002

Running Wild   "20 Years in History"    2003

Ein Sommernachtstraum (CD zum Musical)    2003

Duesenberg   "Morrison & more"    2001

Olaf Giebe   "Objection overruled"   2000

Jutta Weinhold Band   "In Session"    1999

Steinwolke   "In 80 Tagen"    1994

Clemens Maria Haas   "In Keuschheit und Demut"    1995

Havana   "Rio Ara"    1994

Havana   "Fiesta Pa Ti"    1991

Moulin Rouge   "Old Time Rock ´n Roll"    1994

Moulin Rouge   "Live"    1993

Coconut   "Makes me a Fool"    1987

Dambisa   "Eritrea"    1984

I have done a collection of pieces of mine out of the last 25 years on a cd.

If you are interested, just contact me: mail@peter-pichl.de

You will get it.



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